Thursday, December 17

Well, I can't get my video to upload, so to finish, at least for today, I'm just going to put my two favorite family pictures from the trip.

The other fun things for Jacob have been that he FINALLY (according to him) got a cell phone, and is a great texter. He truly likes keeping in touch with people and sending funny messages. He is getting ready to take the written driver's test, so he can have a learner's permit, and in April, he will be able to date (we already know, as he's said, that his first date is going to be with a girl named Alyssa, whom he has liked for more than a year and with whom he has been good friends)! He is still a builder and creator, and his art work gets better and better. I'm trying to make some posters of his "robotech" style drawings. They are truly amazing and will, I think, look awesome up on his wall.

The most fun as a family that we had during this past year, was right before school started and we went down to Capitol Reef State Park, here in Utah. AMAZING place! It is beautiful in a stark, sheer mountain type of way. There are no words that can do it justice, so I'm going to put in a slide show of our adventure, and then you can also watch this little video we have of the boys.
There was a place in the park where the water was accessible and many people like to wade and jump into the deeper parts from some cliffs above. We decided it was too crowded to hang around when we first found it, and decided to come back after dinner. Good choice! We basically had the entire place to ourselves (aside from one French family that joined us briefly). The boys were just crazy and I had to hold my breath each time they jumped. But, I couldn't help but love the look on their faces as they would leap off the cliff.

This trip was especially fun and important to me, as I was going to have back surgery before school started in August. We were here in the park during July. I wouldn't be able to go hiking or climbing, or something as simple as lift anything over the weight of a jug of milk!